Our Team

Our founders Mr and Mrs Wakudumira are now happily retired but can be found on the odd safari each year. Mr and Mrs Wakudmira also spend a considerable amount of time on their fruit farm in Jinja district. They are therefore always nearby and quite often drop in to give insightful advice to the operating team which is now led by their sons.
The Buutu Team is now led by Mutalya Balye Daudi and Lincoln Myeera who manage a team of 9 including 3 office staff and 6 guides.

Mutalya Balye Daudi

Mutalya Balye Daudi

Daudi was born on "safari" as he says Uganda was a national park country with an abundance of biodiversity outside protected areas. Daudi spent his childhood encountering wildlife like hippos, serval cats and pangolins which are now considered endangered. Daudi studied Economics at Makerere University, Uganda, and Finance and Investment at the Univeristy of Exeter, UK. After spending time living and working in the eternally grey clouds of London, Daudi chose to return to Uganda for sunshine and all that is charming in Uganda. Daudi is an intrepid Africa traveller who has explored from South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia to Ethiopia. Daudi’s favourite part of Africa still remain Uganda followed closely by Tanzania. Safaris for Daudi are a way to reconnect to conservation heritage and to make friends.Daudi's favourite safari is the gorilla habituation experience were one gets to spend up to 4 hours with a gorilla family. Daudi is thankful for conservation work by previous generatiosn and hopes safaris wil continue to provide creative means of building the conservation economy that is key to the protection of Uganda's rich biodiversity.

Lincoln Myeera

Lincoln Myeera

Lincoln Myeera is fondly referred to as the grandfather because he was named after one of the favourite grandfathers of the Buutu Clan. Lincoln studied Economics at Makerere University. Myeera Lincoln is boundless energy and happiness as he derives great joy from sharing Uganda with guests. Lincoln is a versatile and imaginative thinker who goes above and beyond to ensure guests make the most of their time and budget on safari. Lincoln is based in the office but will take time to lead 4 safaris each year. Lincoln quite likes the game drive through the Murchison Falls National Park so each year on his birthday, Lincoln will go for a day long game drive. Some say it renews his energy whereas others say he simply needs to see as many Buutu abysinian ground hornbills (buutu) in one area to make him happy. But only Lincoln truly knows why he enjoys his birthday game drive.

Our Guides

Nasur "The Amazing" Ojok

Viriano Kabuleezi "The Incredible"

Saadi Maganda

Kirunda Muzamilu

Ronald Musiika

Tony Sentamu