Buutu Safaris

4 Day Gorilla and Big game Safari


Buutu Safaris - formerly The Tourist Centre Safaris, was established in July 1995 by Mr and Mrs Wakudumira.  Since inception, our aim has remained the same: to reveal the natural wonders of East Africa in a way that benefits both our guests and local communities.

Over the years, we have explored Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda with over a thousand guests. On these safaris, we’ve hosted families, solo travelers, couples, students, photographers and specialist wildlife interest groups. With our vast wealth of experience, we know when and where to go for gorilla tracking and other stunning wildlife encounters, and for the immersive cultural experiences on offer in East Africa.

In light of the environmental/climate crisis, and the development challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa, we have evolved to focus on conservation and inclusive activities that create meaningful opportunities for Ugandans/Africans, hence our new name Buutu Safaris. 

Buutu is the Abyssinian Ground hornbill, the totem/emblem of our clan, the Bakose of Busoga. Our forefathers told the legend of how our first ancestor was a Buutu. As such, all members in the family are descendants of Buutu and thus must pay respect to Buutus. As descendants, we are also charged with a duty of protecting these birds wherever they are found. Whereas other Busoga clans got grass, leopards, elephants, and even lions for totems, we are lucky to have  the Buutu, a majestic bird whose wings carry her far and wide.

In returning to our conservation heritage, we have chosen to have our totem at the forefront to remind us and emphasize our ancient conservation duty as we travel and explore more with our guests.

Our safaris are journeys of discovery, learning, and reconnecting with nature as we seek our ancient harmonious existence with nature. Our safaris take you around Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda showcasing the great habitats that have been miraculously saved from years of unbridled capitalistic industrialization. On our safaris, we hope you can discover and learn more about one of the most beautiful parts of the world and the role it has to play in the ecological and climate crisis times we live in.

So whether you are after a Uganda luxury vacation or a honeymoon safari, our dream weavers will tailor a safari just for you.